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Fast Fashion is like fast food

FOXTROT  : So many consumers seem "style-illiterate", which means that they know nothing about style. Would fashion education help? For example, so many people prefer new old navy pants instead of vintage Versace jeans.  

ELIZABETH CLINE : I agree with you. I think that we are at a fashion “awareness” level where we were with  food awareness a few decades ago. In the U.S., there was a point where people preferred fast food and no one understood the value of cooking a meal at home or going to a nice restaurant where food is prepared from scratch. But over time, that has changed and now people are very invested in home cooking, nutrition, wellness and supporting restaurants that make traceable, healthy food. We need a similar shift in fashion. And it does start with education or books and movies that show why quality and craftsmanship as well as a unique design vision and taste are so important. Hopefully we’ll soon look back and wonder why we were so attached to our cheap, plastic clothes.

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