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Foxtrot’s perspective on sustainability (Part 1)

The only 100% sustainable textile that I know of isn’t even a recycled one. It’s one that is re-used, that embraces a second life without any transformation. Like a simple pair of jeans in a thrift shop. One day, I might just create a special edition of beach bags, made out of old kites, even though it could be quite random to rely on that type of raw material to feed production, unless it’s crafted.

In the beginning of it all, this was my first concern: should I be going with a natural fiber – like cotton or wool – but that impacts the land, and also wastes water? Or should I be going for a synthetic fiber – such as polyester or nylon- that requires extraction of fossil fuels? This was my trade-off: go for a non-toxic, long-lasting waxed canvas (cotton) and a light, easy-to- clean polyester lining. 

The kind of waxed canvas that I’ve decide to go with has been used by the British navy, centuries ago, for its longevity. Sailors noticed that the wind was more effective on the sails, when wet. Unfortunately, it made then too heavy. They had to wait for the Smith’s family to come up with the waxed canvas, as we know them today. That fabric could receive water on the surface, without soaking in it. Therefore, my raw-material would not only be long-lasting, but also waterproof!

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