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Foxtrot's perspective on sustainability (part 3)

Then, I had to think about the final details of my first Foxtrot bags: added chemicals, including dyes and coatings, may have negative impacts on the health of the textile workers as well as the consumers of the final product.

I had to certify that every component of the bag was non-toxic, eco-certified, and corresponding to our Western safety norms. For instance, the lining of the bag is digitally-printed, because this process requires no use of water. The only exeption is my choice of leather handles that you can blame me for. Let me ask you this: Did you know that vegan leathers are mostly made of PVC? (polyvinyl chloride) We are now aware that synthetic vegan leathers are not necessarily good for the environment, since PVC has a harmfull impact throughout it’s life cycle and may also be hazardous to our health. 

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