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Genderless Fashion Dressing is beyond a Trend

Fathers play a unique and important role in their children's development. They aren't just 'redundant,' doing the same things as mothers do. They interact differently with their children, which can only be beneficial for these kids. As a brand that creates products for parents and families, Foxtrot aims to encourage fathers' involvement, for better children care and development.

Borrowing fashion from the opposite sex is hardly a new premise —it’s a concept that’s really taken hold in recent seasons. While trend is all about gender fluidity, Foxtrot refers to gender neutrality. We like to assume Dads of the world go out with their kids as much as their Moms do.

Therefore, we create bags both parents can wear and borrow from each other, without having to switch items from one bag to another while going out with the kids : a Foxtrot bag should just be hanging by the door, ready-to-go, for whomever is willing to go!   

With the proven importance of fathers in children’s development and the evolving concept of the nuclear family, inclusivity is the new norm. And we firmly believe developing gender neutral products is more inclusive, as it doesn’t put the emphasis on questions like “Are you a boy or a girl?” “How do you identify?” “Are you transitioning?” “Are you part of a nuclear family?” “Who is the father in a family with two mothers?”. The truth is that the generations that are coming up now, the ones who are going to be in charge, care less and less about these stereotypes.

Don’t you think it’s about time we define ourselves beyond the opinion that fashion has been made in advance for us? What about your family? The one you grew up with and /or the one you’ve created? How would you qualify on a gender neutrality scale? .





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