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Who will make my bags?

Fashion Revolution Week is (almost) over. And so is our "on field" market research. April 2018 was the time for us to meet with real people in real life and get real feedback. I learned at lot. I have a lot of net take-aways to consider. 

1. I've met a lot of young makers while I was on the road. All of them interested to do high quality work for Foxtrot. It makes me re-think the way I've built this company's supply chain so far. With the price of oil always on the raise, it is not cheap (financially and environmentaly) to ship my bags here. 

2. Working with people here, in Montreal, would make relationship more human vs. virtual, on a daily basis.

3. I wouldn't have to sacrifice quality control, since I could oversee production. 

Anyhow I have no answer for now to the question #WhoMadeYourBag. I mean, I do for now, but the answer might evolve over time. And it's all good to embrace change. Don't you think? 


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