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We believe we can all make a difference.


We believe that people can live better lives when they are given equal access tothe global marketplace. Therefore, Foxtrot aims to empower you, as a consumer, to demand for products created with respect for the environment and for the makers. 

We don't want to sacrifice style for price, or eco-consciousness. Our products are minimalists, not responsding to the cycle of fashion. However, we pay meticulous attention to details, and pay attention to buy high-quality hardware and zippers. We focus on textile prints, in a market where everything looks the same. 

As our organization grows, we want to see our suppliers grow with us. By choosing to work with carefully selected craftswomen around Montreal, Foxtrot contributes to global issues like fighting poverty and encouraging the empowerment of women.

Foxtrot is not your ordinary bag. We acknowledge there is an individual behind every product we make.

They all carry a human story along the way.