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    Meet the incredible artists that are part of Foxtrot's Success 

    Mike Pelland

     Mike Pelland is a painter and illustrator whose influences are deeply rooted in street art. Longing for a return to authenticity, fascinated by the purity of graphic arts and the organic qualities of raw materials such as charcoal, he takes pleasure in juxtaposing the two opposites. Identity as entity is at the heart of his pictorial and cinematic work.  

    His work can be found in several private collections. 


    Mathilde Corbeil

     « Sous son feutre, les complexes d’Oedipe surgissent, les chiens se symétrisent et les chaises se David-Bowisent. » Urbania  

    Mathilde's exquisite drawings are printed with poetry. Her work translates a strong point of view on sensitive questions, news and people. We owe her our fox and our handmade Foxtrot typography.


    Aurore Danielou


    She is a French illustrator based in Montréal. Today she offers us a poetic and feminine universe where her daydreams are translated into the shape of charming animal, luxuriant vegetation and mesmerizing characters. As she leans often towards patterns, Aurore likes working her illustrations with repetition and accumulation. She enchants us with her ornamental wallpapers in the trendiest places in Montreal, and she created for us our “city” textile collection (Santa Fe, Kyoto, Oahu).