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Make an Impact

Every Foxtrot Bag Carries a Story.

Foxtrot will not only make you look good, but also feel good. So put down the green juice and stop flicking at your quinoa. Find out how you make a difference.


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Bags are just an excuse to lead the path through a more sustainable sourcing chain. 


Buy Foxtrot! 

We make every effort to reduce our environmental footprint. We are constantly in search of ethically sources materials (certified organic, lead-free, recycled materials, natural dyes) that are good for the earth and good for you.




Bags are just an an opportunity for you to contribute to sustainable social change. 


We put the flags out for our production partners, who make our designs stand out through their craftsmanship and their meticulous attention to details. 

By working with artisans of the World, Foxtrot is creating lasting impact that includes :

- stable employment for vulnerable artisan living below the poverty line. 

- education and healthcare for the artisan's children, creating real sustainable change.

- financial empowerment of women that helps earn the respect of their families and communities. 

- preservation of community crafting practices. 
- prevention of urban migration, slums, trafficking and begging. 


Carry them with pride.


We take real pride in our artistry. All our textile prints are designed by visual artists from Montréal, our hometown. We know you appreciate details, from eco-friendly materiel to stylish, unique and unexpected prints.